Education dept need to stamp down on schools that protect bullies and discriminate victims

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Currently in Qld schools, there are many cases of children being bullied beyond belief, one child even was put into surgery, to have her gastrostomy button fixed after it was dislodged by blunt force, and the bully’s punishment was to stay off the jumping castle. Principals are also discriminating against the victims. This girl chased her bully, never touched her, never caught her, just chased her after months and months of torment, and she was suspended, however 10 other girls who chased this victim, exactly as she did, were never punished. 

Another school in Queensland, the principal discriminates against kids whose parents don’t let them walk over them without questioning. And yet another Qld school also punishes the victim for informing the teachers or principals, and again if they stand up for themselves, with lack of protection. Some parents of the children being bullied, have even been brushed off, due to the bully having a hard home life. Now forgive me if I’m wrong, but we can’t go to work and take our personal life out at work, so why should other innocent children be on the receiving end. The school also has a duty of care to report bad Home lives to the appropriate channels, and if they are just letting kids bully and torment other children just because they have a bad home life, it’s not teaching them how to channel whatever it is they are struggling with, the right way. 

And these are only a few schools, all in different towns. Now while I won’t name each school, something must be done to protect the children! There are also cases of children who are slightly different to what is classed as “normal”, that are being targeted by both other students and teachers, with nothing being done to help these children. Our children are our future!! These principals and teachers have a duty of care towards every child whilst at their school. And while some are fair, some are not. The so called anti bulling program does nothing. There needs to be more done. This isn’t good enough. Society is so concerned with more and more children developing anxiety, and depression, yet are not doing anything to protect every child during school hours from being bullied. There needs to be harsher penalties for those doing the bullying, and an investigation into the principals and teachers that actually defend the bullies. 

So make the Education department and Minister for education, do something to protect ALL children!