Primary school air condition

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Parents of kids at local schools are calling for air conditioning to be installed at State Schools across the Redlands. The Government have left the Redland City off the list of schools to get air conditioning in classrooms this year. Why? 

Just a thought why have you excepted that school admin offices have air conditioning for the office staff but not for the children???

Is this acceptable? What are we teaching our children? People in power get fair conditions but the children don't.

Don't our little people deserve better? 

Is this acceptable? Children are coming home hot,bothered and not willing to learn.Teachers are struggling to assist children get a fair education.

 They  deserve to teach and  learn in an environment whereby they can focus and feel comfortable.I believe they would absorb more information and become better learners if they had a better environment to learn in.

Children are our future.

Surely under a duty of care to our children this is considered an epic failure? 

Govenment buildings such as prisons, libraries, council office administration buildings but not schools? We desperately need air conditioning units.

Please sign this petition and assist myself in trying to make a difference for our children,our future.