Bring back rego stickers in QLD and put rego costs down!

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Far too many fines are being handed out for unregistered cars in Queensland, when the registration notices aren't even received! Bringing back registration stickers brings back that constant reminder when your rego is due! $300 per fine for an unregistered vehicle - trailers included! Let's stop the revenue raising.

This story starts with our family driving 13 hours straight home from Brisbane after our having our 14 month old son in ICU for two months and almost losing his life numerous times. I was booked for speeding outside of Mt Larcom, and although I was on the highway and the police were sitting 30 metres in front of the 100km/hr sign - I get it. Legitimate fine. Then, the lovely gentleman booked me because our vehicle had been unregistered for five days! We had no idea.. Also had the hide to add in that he 'knows we've had a lot going on, but we still need to sort things out'! Well, excuse me if between a son in ICU, a son at school, uni, work and a million other more important things, I didn't check my car registration was due! That was $550 dollars worth of fines. Finances are hard enough at the moment. It costs us hundreds of dollars every order of food we get for our tube-fed baby, $100 a month to keep him on antibiotics.. My goodness.The bills never stopped coming.

Once I got home, I looked for a registration notice. Nothing in our mail that was collected. We have a redirection in place at our previous address, so nothing from there either.

Fast forward two weeks, my husband, who works very hard as a chippy, gets booked by the Department of Transport on the way to work for an unregistered trailer! Once again - we had received no notice. Another $300! The bloke told my husband they were going to our previous address - but nothing has been redirected to us! 

I jumped online to update our address with them and check our other registrations... My husbands vehicle is due in three days! No notice!! That would have been another fine! What on Earth!! So, they have taken $600 from us within two weeks, and it would possibly have been $900 if I had not have checked our other vehicle.

We pay five registrations annually. It costs us approximately $2000 per year. How dare they pretty well rob us of another half-a-thousand for unregistered vehicles! We had no idea they were unregistered - and were getting no notices!! I still get them posted because I keep the hard copies for my husbands tax - which is why I didn't get them emailed. All our other bills are mailed and get here perfectly fine. 

This is garbage, registration costs alone are garbage. Queensland gets completely ripped off!! Let's let them know that this isn't okay! Queenslander's work hard enough and pay enough bills already! Thank you for your support.


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