Palm Cove Beach Sarayi Hotel, Double Island Tavern 95-97 Williams Esplanade, Palm Cove

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Palm Cove Beach Sarayi Hotel MFB Properties (NQ) PTY LTD ATF The MFB Properties Trust Double Island Tavern Licence #211457 Premises situated at 95-97 Williams Esplanade, Palm Cove.

Trading Hours description

10:00 AM to 12:00 AM Monday – Sunday              New Tavern and Pub

10:00 AM to 10:00 PM Monday to Sunday            Rooftop Bar - Open Air


On the 23rd of December 2020 The Sarayi Boutique Hotel was granted a new Liquor Licence following council approval to allow a material change in use of the building from the providing Accommodation to the Sale of Liquor.

To transform from an Accommodation Hotel between the Reef House and Spa and Melaleuca Resort to an Open Air Roof Top Bar and Tavern/Pub. 

. This will ruin the amenity and appeal for guests from far and near plus destroy both the adjoining businesses.

Prior to the granting of the Liquor Licence the community and Cairns Regional Council via several means raised numerous concerns to the Office of Liquor and gaming strenuously objecting to the granting of the new Liquor Licence however despite the sentiment from local community and business the Office and Liquor and Gaming have granted the provisional licence.

The granting of the provisional licence by the Office of Liquor and Gaming was against the request of the Cairns Regional Council, local residences and businesses.

The Office of Liquor and Gaming is a State controlled department which has over ridden the request of Local Government and community.


Destructive effect to the ambience of Palm Cove – Palm Cove is famous for peaceful family holidays and romantic couples get away.
The new late night bar will attract problems associated with alcoholism, excessive noise and light pollution to neighbouring residents and businesses.
·         Does Palm Cove need another late night drinking venue?

·         Excessive alcohol consumption is already a concern in the village with increased robbery, violence and antisocial behaviour.

·         Not all objectors were notified about the Objections hearing held on the 23rd of September 2020 nor notified of the Decision and appeal process after the decision notification sent on the 23rd of December 2020

  • The adjoining Reef House and Spa, M Gallery By Sofitel and Melaleuca Resort Businesses will be destroyed. The fabric of Palm Cove altered forever.

Acoustic Report

·        To our knowledge a Liquor Licencing approved Acoustic report has not been completed.

·        Neighbouring residents and businesses will still be affected.

·        Nobody knows what noise mitigation strategies will be in place.

·        Nobody knows if the noise mitigation strategies will be good enough to protect residents and neighbouring businesses.

·     Why did the Palm Cove Surf Club have to comply with so many noise mitigation strategies (such as a fully enclosed space) and the Rooftop Bar be allowed to operate with less.

·        If the noise mitigation strategies are not good enough and there are still noise concerns relating to the Rooftop Bar there will be nothing anybody can you. Residents and businesses will need to live with the problem forever. Adjoining businesses will be destroyed.

Community Impact Statement

·         At the time of the Objections hearing on the 23rd of September 2020 the applicant had not completed a community impact statement.

·         At the present time we are still unsure if one has been completed or not. 

·         If one has been completed have all the residents and businesses in Palm Cove been surveyed?

·         It appears from our recent door knock, neighbouring residents and businesses in the immediate vicinity have not been surveyed.

How to Action / Next Steps

·         Sign this Electronic Petition and say NO to the development of a Tavern and  Rooftop Bar in the heart of Palm Cove.

·         Write to the Office of Liquor and Gaming letting them know that you are appalled with the decision made, despite the large number of objections already received.

·         Jack Killoran ·  Senior Compliance Officer, Northern Region Compliance Division Office of Liquor & Gaming Regulation Department of Justice and Attorney-General

P 07 42806206    F 40481497

The Reef House and neighbouring businesses will be appealing the Decision via the only means available, QCAT (Queensland Civil and Administrate Tribunal).

We urge you to join our appeal to maintain the peaceful and quiet ambience   that Palm Cove is know for, please sign the petition, link below, share online and write to Jack Killoran to voice your concerns.