Close QASMT For 2 Weeks (COVID-19)

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With the global outbreak of COVID19 (more commonly known as the coronavirus), students, parents and people all around the globe are at a shock. There has been a confirmed case at Toowong, Queensland on the 3rd of March. 

The confirmed patient of the coronavirus has been identified to have roamed around the Toowong shopping centre and the city. For the safety of the students as well as the staff, please close QASMT for at least 2 weeks. 

Most of the students of QASMT use public transport as their main method of going to and from school. The possibility of one of our students getting infected by the coronavirus is extremely high.

The coronavirus is on the verge of being named a pandemic by the WHO. The numbers of the infected are increasing every day, with increasing pace as time goes. As of now, 4th of March, there are 93,565 confirmed cases worldwide and 3204 deaths.

Countless schools all over the globe have closed schools or have extended their holidays for a while with the potential to extend it further. There is no known cure for the coronavirus yet and as the numbers of the infected and the fatal increase, so does our fears.

I'm requesting the school to close down for at least 2 weeks, for the safety of us, the students, our families and to prevent the coronavirus to spread further in Queensland.