USIU increment of Tuition Fees and course dropping Charges

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The increase of tuition fees and course dropping charges have been imposed without our knowledge or consent. This is after an increase in the last two semester. This change goes against the initial policies that USIU students were introduced to and therefore the changes made without consent or even discussions with who the changes affect is considered as an overreach and impunity of office. The school no longer seems to be a non-profit making organisation but one that is taking advantage of students. Ever since Freida Brown left USIU the school has increasingly become a business whose main goal is only profit.

These changes include the new Billing & Debt Management Policy Highlights, under the following sections 

A. Clearance to access facilities/sit exams 

1. Financial clearance to attend classes and access university facilities will be upon full payment of school fees or payment of installments for students on the approved payment plan

2. Students who are not financially cleared will not be allowed to sit exams

3. Attending classes without financial clearance will be treated as an offence and disciplinary action will be taken against the students

B. Payment of fees

1. All fees are due for payment on or before the first day of every semester

The school has also changed the charges of course dropping fee where students are being charged to drop courses in week one and an increase in charges in week two onwards

The above are policy changes made without the acknowledgement of the students. Students, therefore, want to petition the changes made to the policy and have them revoked due to the lack of consent to issues that directly affect them.