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Psyonix needs to change their ban/appeal system!

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There has been a problem with Psyonix's game "Rocket League" for quite some time now. Slowly but surely with most popular and growing games, the community has started to take a downward spiral. Psyonix has instituted a ban policy on cussing which is kind of childish because most people that play are 16 and over. It doesn't even matter the way that you cuss. It's an automatic ban if someone feels like trolling you or just feels like being malicious. I have over 2400 hours on RL and HAD over 1,500 dollars in items. Because their ban process has no customer service department, I have lost all 1,500 in items. I understand banning people from playing ranked or even unranked I understand. But DO NOT take away thousands of dollars from someone and not have a system to appeal. This is just wrong and needs to be fixed. 

Possible Solutions: Allow people to be banned from playing but don't completely block them from trading items or make it so that if someone has an inventory completely full of items, they can still sell the items or trade them away. 

Possible Solution 2: Make a customer service department and outline rules for an appeal process. This would be the wiser of the two choices and would allow for moderation from Psyonix, as long as the customer service department is reachable. 

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