Let´s make Pyrocynical release an official "Pyrocynical Calendar"

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Let´s make Pyrocynical release brand new calendar for 2019 featuring IRL photos from Niall Comas (Pyrocynical) as merch. It would work as a regular calendar, having high-lighted important events such as:

- May 14: Niall Comas Birthday

- March 30: How to pizza anniversary (Pyrocynical first video)

- June 1: Shrek has Swag anniversary

- March 21: Pyrocynical channel reaches a quarter of a million subscribers on 2015

- June 22: Shrek was released back on 2001

- January 12: Despacito was released back on 2017

- TBA: Shrek V world premiere

- TBA: Despacito 2 release date