Council funded snake removal program

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Hello and a Happy new year to all of my community, i write to you asking to sign a petition to encourage our council to join the victorian snake removal program. We want the council to fund a program for the removal of snakes from homes and businesses. It is dangerous to attempt this with no experience and that's when most people get bitten. It is also illegal to kill native snakes due to being protected species. Many people also get bitten when attempting to do so. This leads most people to the conclusion to hire a professional. Even for a professional there are high costs and risks involved so the service doesn't come cheap. This in turn can tempt people to risk relocation or euthenising the snake themselves.

There are many councils in Victoria (for example Melton council) that fund this service. We would like to petition our council to fund this service so that our community can be well protected and reduce the risk to our families and pets. 

This petition is to go to local councils such as  Pyrenees, Ballarat, Ararat, Hepburn, Central Goldfields and Southern and Northern Grampians.