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Women in sport have always been viewed as second class to men in the same sport resulting in lack of sponsorships, advertisements and over all money being given toward women in sports. Professional female hockey players have not been paid nearly what they should be given the amount of work and money they have put in, to get them to the elite level that they are currently at. Women should be viewed as equal to men in sport and have the ability to receive equal advertisement and promotion as men in sports do as well as overall having their own professional hockey league for the girls to continue to grow and get better.

In-order for the PWHPA (Professional Women's Hockey Players Association) to hear this message more specifically we as a hockey community need to come together on a local scale and show our interest in this situation of equality and unfairness towards theses athletes and shine some light on this issue to help make a change. each signature will go towards helping spread awareness of the issue and show the PWHPA that their decisions are also having effects on the next generation of hockey athletes.