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Need Foot-over bridge at Bangalore Cantonment Railway station

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The front entrance of the Bangalore Cantonment Railway station is always loaded with autos/taxis in the stands. Also the bus stop right behind these stands is always flooded with buses. Often a bus over takes another and stops in front of it ~ in the middle of the road, blocking the bus & vehicles behind, causing inconvenience.

1000's of people cross the cantonment station main road daily.  Office goers from buses, trains, college/school going boys, girls, elder people cross this road back and forth daily.

The single road that leads to Cantonment draws vehicles & traffic from 4 ways:

  1. RT Nagar, Mekhri circle
  2. Nandi durga main road
  3. Palace Rd/Jayaram Rd
  4. Cunnigham Rd/Millers Rd

Vehicles keep flowing in from all these one after the other without leaving a minute for the people to cross the road at the cantonment "SAFELY".  Most of the times as soon as the signal turns green, vehicles start accelerating at high speeds. Everyone is in a hurry(incl 2/4 wheelers, autos & BMTC buses).  Auto guys here in the early mornings, drive in opposite direction(which is an offence) to avoid < a km of one way to go towards Mekhri circle/Jayram Rd.  I captured the videos at 10AM, Monday on 22/5/17. (People wait to get to the divider) (People wait at the divider to cross & look at the auto guy)

I have escaped twice from getting hit by fast moving vehicles while crossing. What else people can do ? People give hand signals and keep crossing.

If there were a small foot-over bridge right near the bus stop, it would be quite helpful for the thousands of pedestrians to cross the road daily, SAFELY.  

A foot over bridge here also reduces noise pollution(please hear the continuous honkings) and prevent accidents at this place.

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