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Putting an End to the Sexist Dress Code Rules Against Cocopahs Female Students

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Dear Students, Parents, and Staff of Cocopah Middle School,

Through out my years as a student at Cocopah Middle School, it was difficult to witness my fellow classmates (and even I) being publicly humiliated, thrown out of class in order to change, and even being sent home from school for their "scandalous" tank tops, leggings, shirts that display an inch or less of stomach when told to put their arms above their heads, and (brace yourselves) "spaghetti straps".

The dress code has put the thought that young girls bodies are "dangerous" and "provocative" and that the young boys who cannot control themselves (which is rarely the case) are the victims.

According to Cocopah Middle School, one must not have a bra strap or indent through their shirt from the bras showing. This can be very difficult for some of the more "mature" females on campus, as most bras are not perfect and are hard to conceal. When students decide to not wear bras, they are often sent home and/or dresscoded. Which is worse? A bra strap, or nipples (Which may I add are on both females and males)?

If these harsh rules over what the students choose to wear are removed (to a minimum), students will not have to constantly worry about how they look, and focus on what really matters... education.
The constant harrassment over looking "slutty" and "unkempt" at Cocopah Middle School is unacceptable.

Signing this petition will hopefully enable the CMS Dress Code to be altered.

Cocopah Students

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