Putnam Street Bowling Lanes opposition to bring your own bottle permit

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Dear Valued Bowlers and Patrons of Putnam Bowling Lanes,

Please read as I need to you to be aware of a PROPOSED City Ordnance change that will NEGATIVELY impact you and the long standing practice of Bring Your Own bottle (BYOB) to this business.  The Fitchburg Board of License Commissioners plan to implement a change that would PROHIBIT any patron from BYOB activity once they implement the change.  This negative impact would STOP everyone from bringing wine and malt beverages into the bowling lanes at any time.

On October 15th, 2018 at 6pm at the Fitchburg Fire Department facility on North St the commissioners will be seeking city owners/managers and resident/patron inputs for and AGAINST this proposed changed.  YOUR signature on this petition to OPPOSE the change is needed to ensure your BYOB privileges and the long standing practice be preserved in the future. Again, I must state that under the PROPOSED change, Putnam St Bowling Lanes would be PROHIBITED from allowing patrons to have BYOB privileges while bowling.

Excerpt from the Proposed Change:  The licensing commission is proposing that BYOB be regulated, one of their drafted regulations is that any business that does not have sit down food service would NOT be allowed a BYOB permit.

Whether you use the BYOB privilege or not, YOUR signature is important to us in sending the commissioners a message of opposition to this change.  Please join us in this petition to preserve the longstanding BYOB practice at Putnam Street Bowling Lanes and OTHER businesses that would be impacted.  

Without your support, Putnam Street Bowling Lanes therefore would NOT be allowed BYOB for its patrons.