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Sep 3, 2016 — Miss. Stevens
I recommend that you and your group also attend a Town Hall Meeting at the KENNER PAVILION on TUESDAY September 6, 7pm with Jim Garvey the BESE board member for JEFFERSON PARISH and ask him to add recess to instructional time State wide without extending the day.

Below is information related to instructional/recess time mandated by the state.. The Academics Department will provide a detailed presentation during the Board meeting next Thursday.

Part CXV. Bulletin 741 - Chapter 3

§333. Instructional Time

A. Each LEA shall adopt a calendar that includes a school year that is in accordance with applicable state regulations and includes a minimum of 63,720 minutes of instructional time.

1. Instructional time shall include the scheduled time within the regular school day devoted to teaching courses outlined in the program of studies. Instructional time does not include such things as:

a. recess;

b. lunch;

c. change of class time; and

d. parent-teacher conferences.

General Physical Activity Requirement: RS 17:17.1 (2009) requires each public K-8 elementary school to provide a minimum of 30 minutes each school day of quality moderate to rigorous physical activity for students. For those students under IEPs, suitable adapted physical activity is required and for those students not enrolled in a physical education course at a secondary school, they are encouraged to participate in moderate to vigorous physical activity, commensurate with the ability of the student, for at least 30 minutes per day. The statute additionally requires the school board to report to the State Board on their compliance of this policy.

Recess or Physical Activity Breaks: No state policy requiring or recommending recess.

Recess Before Lunch: No state policy.

Walking/Biking to School: No state policy.