Put pressure on Australian supermarket chains to stop running plastic toy campaigns

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Sign this Change.org petition to put pressure on the Australia Supermarket chains to stop the numerous campaigns creating plastic toys. 

In 2018 there was a huge emphasis placed on on eliminating plastic and introducing a fee for the once free bags "in order to cut down on plastic pollution", but despite this, the supermarket giants continue to issue free plastic promotional gimmicks designed to gain children's attention and put the pressure on parents to buy from them.

Some of these recent campaigns include "Little Shop", "Stickeez" and now "Ooshies" which is a harsh contradiction of the efforts to scale back single use plastic.

Eventually these items are discarded, becoming waste and ending up in our environment and waterways and potentially endangering wildlife, who can confuse these colorful plastic items for food while foraging.

The odds are that we will never be a completely plastic free world, so lets start by eliminating the harmful, useless, plastic junk that we don't need.

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