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Put Living Greyhawk and other RPGA campaigns onto Dungeon Master's Guild

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The RPGA was an amazing thing and there have been many great campaigns over the years, including Living Greyhawk, Living City, Living Jungle and Living Forgotten Realms.

Hundreds, if not thousands of adventures, have been written for these campaigns. One-off adventures for many other campaign settings have also been written for RPGA events.

Sadly, these adventures are not available for the fans who want to obtain them. Apparently, there is a rights issue, with some of them, where neither Wizards of the Coast or the author is able to republish the adventures, without permission of each other. Apparently that would involve some sort of legal agreement between both parties.

If nothing changes, some of these adventures are going to get lost forever. Some may already have been lost. This is D&D history and it needs to be preserved for future generations of gamers, some of whom were not even alive when the RPGA was created.

Wizards of the Coast and OneBookShop have already created a framework (and a legal agreement) that allows people to make 5th Edition content (including Forgotten Realms and Ravenloft content) available on Dungeon Master's Guild.

DMs Guild also has Classic D&D material (and is starting to put some of it up as Print on Demand versions). This existing framework could be used to allow authors of RPGA Living Campaigns to upload their adventures.

DMs Guild already allows authors to put content up for free, at a price or as "Pay What You Want". This same system could be used to encourage Living Greyhawk and other authors to make their adventures available again.

Please make this happen. Please bring back Living Greyhawk. Please bring back Living Jungle. Please bring back Living City. Please bring it all back.

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