Scott Morrison: Australian Govt. ought to put Int'l Students on the cuff; off Bills Virus;

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Respected PMO,

       Ref:My Fellow Int'l Mates,

Hope you are safe and well. I humbly request my fellow int'l student mates to sign this petition for a much needed change and honorable PM ScoMo to take an immediate action in regards to the economical justice to be made upon us. As of now, Covid-19 is taking over the world relentlessly. Reason why, It is extremely hard to pay the bills namely; Tution fees, Rent and Mobile Phone bills as we are badly hit hard by this pandemic back home financially.

Likewise, It is hard to bring money back from our home country and pay for it now as businesses and jobs back there are all collapsed. There is a total crisis of daily life supporting necessities, in that scenario it is impossible for international students to pay major bills here in Australia on our own with mere 20 hrs/fortnight working rights and huge jobs deduction on market.

More importantly, Australian Government  must not forget that we are the major source of income for Australian Goverment, if the Government is willing to co-operate in this apocalypse, it would be a great 'humanitarian'----- marketing act for the Government to atttract more students in the upcoming intakes. Needless to say, other Western countries like USA, Canada and UK have already taken a rigid stand for their international students. I desperately hope that Aussie Government will do the same.

To put in a nutshell, i believe that Australian Government is highly concerned about the international student's wellbeing too, alongside their citizens as it is the big matter of human rights and a true blue Australian righteousness to be shown in this panic-stricken period. Thank You.

Warm Regards,