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Put Dominick's Law into effect in all 50 states

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Hi, My name is April Phillips and I am a wife, and a mother of 2 beautiful babies.
I am from Ohio, and I have seen way to many lives cut short for no good reason, too many babies dying at the hand of a person they trust most in the world.
Too many murders, rapes, too many abused children from someone who is supposed to protect them with everything in them and someone who is supposed to love them unconditionally... IT ISN'T RIGHT AND I WANT A CHANGE FOR OHIO, AS WELL AS ALL 50 STATES.
I want Dominick's Law passed for all 50 states, and I want Justice for all children who are abused, tortured, raped or killed. Justice isn't served more often then not, and the person should be behind bars for a lifetime sentence, but they let them walk or give them a slap on the wrist and I want a change!!!
Children matter too, and just because they can't defend them selves or stand up and voice their feelings or opinions don't make them any less important and they just like everyone else should have a right to a full life.. We need to stand up for our children and that is what I'm doing...
Child protective Services, doctors and by standers more often then not are getting away with a lot as well. I believe that any person no matter what their title should be responsible for the well being of another.. if you see someone being hurt, and you refuse to do something about it you are just as guilty as the person who did it.
I want stiffer punishment for murderers, rapists, and abusers.... Vote Dominick's Law in for all 50 states and protect our children...

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