Put Citizens First

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There is a problem when California places the needs of people from other nations over the needs of its own citizens. Recently, Gavin Newsom has given free healthcare to people in California that are in this country illegally. This is wrong. We can not fund our own citizens with this kind of care, so why are we giving that to those who have come here not through the proper channels? Walking downtown, North Highlands, Natomas, South Sacramento, North Sacramento and other parts of Sacramento it looks like a third world country. Homeless , garbage, filth , and open drug use plague our streets and neighborhoods. We don't have the money or resources to help these people..our people. These people need our help, resources, time, and money. We have failed them and instead put people from other countries needs above our own impoverished citizens.

People on the border of Mexico and California are terrified  from where it is a norm for other countries people illegally crossing across their property and they have  to arm themselves to protect their family because our government has been and right now is weak and letting it happen. We can't even afford to help our citizens.

There are literal homeless camps and tent cities throughout Sacramento and Los Angeles living in filth and extreme heat and cold with no regular supply of water or food or healthcare for medical issues or psychiatric care. The people that are here illegally need to be sent back to their own country and go through the proper channels of asking for asylum. We need to be giving our money and resources to citizens in need and the children of citizens. This is a human rights issue for our own people of California and the United States. Californians can barely afford to live here, and taxes keep rising and used for funding people that are here because they just crossed the border to skip the immigration line and not going through proper channels of asking for asylum. This is wrong. The working poor in this country as well as middle class have to work 2 or 3 jobs just to make it. We need to start putting our citizens first and get our own people the help they need. Americans first.