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Put An End to the Death Penalty In Illinois


The bill to end the death penalty in Illinois passed the State House by a vote of 60-54. And it passed the Senate 32-25. Now all we need is Gov. Pat Quinn's signature!

It was clear ten years ago that the death penalty system in Illinois was broken. That's why they put a moratorium on executions. Now -- a decade later -- the same problems persist.

Illinois has exonerated 20 people who were sentenced to die for crimes they did not commit -- two of them just last year.

The death penalty still doesn't keep the public any safer.

It still fails to meet the needs of murder victims' families.

And -- even with the moratorium -- the death penalty still costs taxpayers millions of dollars more than alternatives.

You have a chance to put an end to this broken nightmare of a system.

Urge the governor to end the death penalty in Illinois once and for all.

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