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Put an End to Speeding in Rutland

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We, the residents of The Rutland Community, are petitioning the Hanover Board of Supervisors and the Virginia Department of Transportation to collaborate to install traffic calming measures within our community that will make our community safer.

The Rutland community faces three major ongoing traffic issues that have plagued us for years. The first problem involves Combs Drive.  Combs Drive is the major thoroughfare off which the residential roads in the neighborhood are located. The current speed limit is 35 MPH. Unfortunately, most people that utilize Combs Drive to get through our neighborhood fail to obey the stated traffic laws. People routinely speed down the entirety of Combs, far exceeding the posted speed limit. This speeding is particularly problematic at the intersection of Combs and Oakham Drives, the second of the aforementioned traffic issues. A crosswalk exists at this intersection to connect two sides of the neighborhood, and allow access to the clubhouse, pool, and playground. The location of the crosswalk and intersection has limited visibility, as there are bends in the road in both directions. Not only does the speeding make it dangerous to cross at this intersection, but most speeders also fail to stop for pedestrians using the crosswalk. In fact, some people will even try to go around cars that are stopped to allow pedestrians to cross. These factors make this intersection particularly dangerous for our residents.

We would like the following traffic calming measures considered for this intersection.

1.       The speed limit should be lowered to 25 MPH

2.      The crosswalk should be made more visible, with either brighter paint or a flashing cross walk sign, or both.

3.      A four-way stop, or a stop light, should be installed at this intersection to ensure pedestrians always have the right of way.

The second area of concern within our community is the entire stretch of Rutlandshire Road. Rutlandshire Rd. is a residential road, and the current speed limit is 25 MPH. Many people use Rutlandshire as a cut through and, again, routinely fail to obey the traffic laws. Most non-residents speed down this road, which is even more concerning as homes are located on Rutlandshire Rd. Non-residents have been known to try to go around residents that are going the speed limit, or even honk at residents, as they pull into their own driveway, for driving too slowly. Residents who live on Rutlandshire Rd. do not feel their own front yards and driveways are safe for their children due to this ongoing speeding, making this road particularly dangerous for our residents.

We would like to see the following traffic calming measures considered for this road.

1.       The speed limit should be lowered to 18 MPH.

2.      A three-way stop should be installed at the intersection of Rutlandshire and Rushbrooke Lane, Rutlandshire and Hambleton Way, and Rutlandshire and Hollyhedge Lane.

We, the residents of the Rutland Community, expect the proposed traffic calming measures to be thoroughly considered during the meeting between  Angela Kelly-Wiecek, the Hanover County Planning Commission, Hanover County Sherriff’s Office, Virginia Department of Transportation, and representatives of the Rutland HOA. We expect that at the conclusion this meeting, there are action items to move forward with the appropriate changes that will provide the most expedient solutions to our traffic concerns, which have been well reported to Angela Kelly-Wiecek, HCSO, and VDOT over several years. We expect the appropriate traffic calming measures to be in place long before Phase II of the Atlee Road extension begins and detours even more traffic through our community. We expect to see action for our community that indicates the Hanover Board of Supervisors and Virginia Department of Transportation understand the unacceptable traffic conditions, and action that reflects urgency to install traffic calming measures that will make our community safer before a tragic accident occurs.


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