Put a Claw Machine inside Staley High School

Put a Claw Machine inside Staley High School

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Why this petition matters

Started by John White

I want to get a claw machine in Staley High School. If we put a claw machine it would boost the mental health of a lot of students. Speaking of mental health it makes people happy. When you win a prize out of a claw machine, you feel happy and feel accomplished. If we have a ton of vending machines, why couldn’t we get a claw machine? 


Won’t people be distracted by this?

you always hear teachers complaining about students spending too much time during passing. During elementary the pencil vending machines were a huge freak out so i don’t know why we couldn’t do this. For students to skip class or stall it will never end and will always be a issue. Most people believe all claw machines are rigged which is true sometimes so not a lot of people will visit.

Claw machines sound expensive 

Most vending machines are at least $3000 dollars that is the same as a higher quality claw machine brand new. You can find used ones for only $700 that need a few repairs and done. 

where would it even go?

The most likely place it will go is in the cafeteria. 

What would it look like?

You can get custom claw machines, personally i think a claw machine with the schools falcon all over it would like nice. 

how much money can a claw machine make a week?

claw machines in popular areas assuming, can make around $200-$400 a week. That is plenty of money to keep up with upkeep costs and plushie refills.

Are claw machine plushie refills expensive?

You have generic and then you have licensed. Licensed plushies are going to be more expensive because they come from a show or game. Those on average for medium are $700 for 150ct. Please note I am using the website https://www.gumball.com/collections/medium-7-12-inch-plush for reference. 
the generic plushies are really cheap. Costing around $150-$250 a bag for large generic. So in conclusion the prices can be pricey for refills, but your money being made will cover it. 


20 have signed. Let’s get to 25!