Push Ryan school to follow the government directive to reduce fees

Push Ryan school to follow the government directive to reduce fees

14 June 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Ryan Parents

This Complaint / Petition pertains to Ryan International School, Bavdhan (ICSE)

Ryan school bavdhan is refusing to reduce fees even after govt directive!!

Despite repeated requests from parents, Ryan school, Pune refused to reduce fees for online education for their students throughout the 2  pandemic years 2020 - 21 - 22. they even charged us for computer labs, science labs, & library which were not used for a single day between 2020 - 2022 

They kept saying that they are waiting for Govt directives to reduce fees

We all paid full fees for the past two years 

Now the Govt directive has come, and the Govt has mandated a 15 % reduction in fees.

Ryan school is still refusing to reduce fees and instead of adjusting the fees downwards. They have actually revised their fees upwards.

As an example below is the data for Std 3 -8 , other classes also have a similar increase!

They have increased tuition fees from INR 67680 pa to INR 84384 pa = 25% increase

And increased term fees  from INR 16920 pa to INR 21096 pa = 25% increase

their total overall fees for school work (excluding transport, students personal sports equipment, and extracurricular ) have increased from INR 95880 to INR 105480 =10 % increase 

We the parents of Ryan International School, Bavdhan are very upset with this and would like the Department of Education& Government of Maharashtra to take note of this unfairness and make them follow the government mandate  

-Ryan International School, Bavdhan  kids parents 

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Signatures: 130Next Goal: 200
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