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Withdraw Governor Mitch Daniels' Bid For Purdue President

Please sign this petition because of the shocking ethical violations regarding Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels, Purdue Board of Trustees, and the Purdue Presidential Search Committee.

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I just signed the following petition addressed to: Purdue University Trustees.

Withdraw Governor Mitch Daniels' Bid For Purdue President

The Indiana State Ethics Commission has many ethics requirements including a requirement that Indiana executive branch employees comply with a mandatory one-year cooling-off rule when considering outside employment with organizations doing business with the state and avoid the "appearance of impropriety".

8 of 10 Purdue Trustees were appointed by Governor Daniels creating a conflict of interest specifically prohibited by Purdue's Trustee bylaws.

Governor Daniels reappointed three Purdue trustees, including Michael Berghoff, who led the Purdue Presidential Search Committee just days before the boards vote on the universities next President.

Michael Berghoff's company, Lenex Steel Corp., has received millions in state incentives and funding.

Purdue's Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Keith Krach, has a financial investment in Governor Daniel's political campaign chairman's company Angie's List Inc, which has also received million in state incentives and funding. He currently serves as the company Chairman of the Board.

Mitch Daniels also served on the board of Angie's List in the not too distant past.

Most Purdue Trustees have given political contributions to Governor Mitch Daniel's, yet the Governor has appointed or reappointed them to Purdue's Board in violation of state ethics code.

It was recently disclosed that Governor Mitch Daniels has been interviewing for the Purdue President's position for over a year, even accepting the position 6 months before his term of Governor ends, while continuing to lobby the legislature, sign legislation, and approve financial appropriations and policies impacting Purdue University.


Governor's Executive Order on Ethics:

Indiana Inspector General - State Ethics Code

Purdue Board of Trustees - Bylaws Concerning Conflict of Interest

Purdue Ethics Policies



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