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Why Does Purdue Reject A Politican Appointing Himself President?

Watch Dog
Москва, Russia

Jul 21, 2012 — No matter what our political or religious persuasions in the skeptical community, we all hold to some basic ground rules of skepticism. We all agree that critical thinking and questioning authority is a good thing, that humans are easily misled into all sorts of errors of logic, and that it’s easy for any of us to be fooled....

In emphasizing critical thinking, we are fully aware that there are powerful organizations (especially religious and some political organizations) that don’t want us to think critically, don’t want us to ask questions, don’t want us to challenge their authority...

We can imagine powerful politicians and their people chatting among themselves privately that those damned skeptics keep messing things up, and we have to stop their interference.

But you’d never expect these people to come right out and say that they don’t like critical thinking.


They actually articulated this in a official political platform...


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