Lower Dorm Prices for Purdue’s Meredith Hall

Lower Dorm Prices for Purdue’s Meredith Hall

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Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the dorms in Meredith Hall at Purdue University have been converted into single-style rooms. What does that mean for the Boilers of Meredith? It means that these women and families must spend an extra $3,600 per year, making the price of their rooms almost $7,000. These rooms are without air conditioning, are homes of cockroaches, and have very worn down amenities, but the price is comparable to the best dorms on campus with the best amenities.

We of Meredith do not believe that it is just, nor fair, to be charged more than double of what was the price of living in Meredith Hall: $3,200. This came as quite a surprise to many families, as many of us did not request a single room. Firstly, many families do not have the extra $3,600 lying around, which can cause much distress and problems. Secondly, when asked why they are charging as much as the newest and most well-maintained dorms on campus, Purdue higher-ups say that the nearly 75-year-old Meredith Hall is “comparable” to the other single dorms, single dorms that have air conditioning, personal bathrooms, and more than 10x17 feet to live in. Our “singles” of Meredith also contain doubles of all dorm furniture that cannot be removed, making the small space even more cramped. 

The higher-ups have also repeatedly responded to our concerns, stating that single rooms are “coveted,” and that is why they are more expensive. If they are coveted, why did more than 75 Meredith residents put “single room” as the last preferred choice, yet still ended up with a single? If singles are coveted, shouldn’t more of those who asked for singles be in them?

We Boilermakers of Meredith would like you to sign our petition to push the Trustees of Purdue to rethink the price of Meredith Hall.

Boiler Up, and Hammer Down our prices!