Purdue Fort Wayne: Lights, Cameras and security action

Purdue Fort Wayne: Lights, Cameras and security action

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Why this petition matters

Started by William Meyer

Purdue University Fort Wayne and Indiana University Fort Wayne, (in Fort Wayne, Indiana) is in great need of more lighting, security cameras and other safety/wellbeing measures on its campus.

Students and nearby community have expressed a strong desire for change in this regard. While we acknowledge 2020's crime reports are low, we must also acknowledge the fact that due to several situations on campus (such as poor lighting, many dangerous blind spots, and the mental health climate of the world today) that there is significant need for action.

This petition urges the administration, student government, donors, and legislators to consider the following three projects:

  1. Increasing security infrastructure on our campus (lights, cameras, and emergency blue-light call stations).
  2. Additional funding and resources to university mental health programs, including the counseling center.
  3. Better retaining and maintaining the infrastructure currently in place.

These measures will improve the quality of life of the university overall.

  • Students will feel better about attending early morning and late night classes should these projects be engaged. This also means the university will be able to have events at night (or other dark hours) without fear of safety. This means enrollment, student life, and student retention will increase (which benefits the funding for all university operations and activities).
  • These security projects will reduce the risk of financial loss students will experience in cases of property crimes, and reduce the risk of university loss due to liability.
  • Mental health ties into security risks, while the number of deaths by suicide remains confidential due to HIPPA and FERPA, many students report being affected by a suicide and many others are struggling through classes due to mental health. Also as our university police are trained in crisis intervention, they are usually called to mental health concerns putting on additional stress on a struggling system. Not to mention certain mental health crises can, unfortunately turn violent as seen throughout the media. We must not allow for anything like that to happen here.
  • All in all, this will also put the university in an extremely positive light, while we are one of the safer campuses, why not aim to be the safest while maintaining a fun environment?

By signing this you are making a statement in favor of making PFW a safer, happier, and overall better community.

36 have signed. Let’s get to 50!