Reinstate Dawn Birr and Tim Clark as Elkhart County 4H Goat Leaders!

Reinstate Dawn Birr and Tim Clark as Elkhart County 4H Goat Leaders!

April 6, 2021
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Started by Jennifer Diamond

We are asking that Our Leaders,  Dawn Birr and Tim Clark be put back in their proper place, and we are asking for Mr. Kelly to be investigated for the way he has handled this issue, and to determine is there should be any disciplinary actions taken.

Our children have been a part of the Elkhart County 4H Goat Club for years, and have thoroughly enjoyed learning and growing under the leadership of Dawn Birr and Tim Clark.  

Tim And Dawn have been Kind, Compassionate, Helpful, and understanding to our children. They have displayed integrity, fairness, and strength, all qualities of a true leader.
Last week our club was blindsided when Robert Kelly decided to unfairly and unjustly remove Dawn and Tim as our Leaders, without so much as meeting with our elected Advisory Board to discuss the matter.
Our club was not given any notification, or the opportunity to speak on their behalf.
Our children are completely devastated and hurt by this, as they all love Dawn and Tim.
Our Board members had a meeting with Mr. Kelly Tuesday, March 30th,  to address our club's concerns.
Mr. Kelly not only refused to give any direct Answers to their questions, he told Our Board members if they were not on board with the change, they could leave. Sadly, we lost every Board member and project leader that evening. 
Arrogance and Pride are not traits of a Leader and have absolutely no place in 4H.
Mr. Kelly has shown us he cares nothing for our children or their well being, as he has dismissed them and their concerns on this matter.
This would never be tolerated from a club leader or volunteer, this certainly should not be tolerated from Mr. Kelly.
There is no room for this type of poor Leadership or behavior in 4-H.
This is unacceptable and our children deserve better than this!

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Signatures: 432Next Goal: 500
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