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Puppy Shot and Killed by Neighbor as Family Helplessly Watched

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Some may say this was only a dog, but to one family, including children, this puppy was more than dog. He was a family member and a friend. When you read the summary/story of this petition, you will understand why many of us, in addition to the family of this puppy, seek justice. Please take our plea into consideration and we hope you come to the conclusion, as we have, that the actions this man did are unacceptable, inexcusable and something needs to be done. You can help by starting with him and set an example for others who may follow in his footsteps in the future thinking it is all right to shoot and kill an innocent dog and not have any consequences. We want consequences. If it will prevent one heinous act, it may prevent others.


Anyone of you who have family pets will feel the urgency in this plea and help by sharing this story FAR and WIDE in hopes to get exposure in seeing that the "person" responsible for this crime will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of TENNESSEE law and not just receive a simple "slap on the wrist!"

In brief, "complainant Kimberly Jones, 32, reportedly told Higgins she let her dog outside to use the restroom at 2 p.m. As Jones and her son Dylan watched the dog through the window, they reportedly saw their neighbor, Joe Garland, 37, walk through his backyard with a shotgun, at which point Garland shot the dog at the property line.

****correction: The reporter wrote shotgun when it was handgun.

Garland reportedly ran and got on his four-wheeler, drove to where the dog had been shot and picked the animal up by the collar before driving into the woods to dispose of it, according to the report."

Garland claims he thought the puppy, Loki, was a stray dog that attacked his own dog the previous night, so he shot and killed him - a 20 pound, non aggressive PUPPY who was just out in his own yard on a bathroom break!

"When Garland went to get the dog, he said he realized it was the Joneses’ dog, and “tried to get it before the kids could see the dog,” according to the report."

This statement was all I needed to read:


To make things even worse, Jones and her son both watched this horrific act through the window, but by the time they saw what was about to happen, it was too late. Loki had been shot and killed!

The children and family saw Loki get shot and are traumatized by this.

Garland is being charged for unlawful shooting and the sheriff's department is going to pursue gun charges and discharging a firearm towards a dwelling (too close) according to a statement from one of the family members of the puppy.

Local newspaper, Johnson City (TN) Press article:

Kylie McGivern (WJHL - TV) news coverage:


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