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Ban all puppy mills make it illegal to host one. (ENFORCE THE LAW)


Because, it is cruel to leave a dog out in a mill for it to breed until it can not breed any more. Once they can't, they kill them or abandon them. They are forced to live in conditions like concentration camps (WWII) They are offered little to no food, water, or vet care. If we ban this industry, much respect would come out of this. Dogs are no different from humans. Except less smart. There are no bad dogs. Just bad owners. We can make a difference here. Banning puppy mills will be the best thing to happen to the U.S since the victory of WWII. This will also in-courage people to buy from shelters and rescue facilities. Which can decrease the nation's debt by 25% because the tax which is included to the purchase of the pet. It is inhumane to let this disgusting acts go unsupervised. I know 65% of the U.S population owns any type of dog. Also, it is unlawful to let these mills continue to function without the inspection of ASPCA. If they do not find the puppy mills worthy of being used to breed dogs, then they need to shut it down and charge the owner or even arrest the owner of the mill, due to animal neglect and abuse, and all it takes to change the world is a will of a single man. If we can achieve this, other countries might consider doing this. Pass this petition around, let this be a new era for the world. A world with no abuse, or neglect of animals. If this petition does become famous. Send this to the supreme court of the U.S maybe they will seek to it.

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