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Stop buying from puppy mills and breeders: ADOPT

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So you have decided you or your family want a puppy. You go to a local breeder or local store and purchase your new "purebread puppy" as well as its fancy papers. Have you ever wondered where these puppies truely come from? How were they treated before you purchased them? Well here, let me elaborate. These cute buddles of fluff and love come from horiffic enviornments. I mean, if you could see where they were born and brought up you would cry if you were truely an animal lover or cared for your puppy at all. Cages upon cages, stacked, over filled with mother dogs and their puppies, laying in their own waste. Cramped. barely being able to feed her newborn puppies. Once she has been bred to her max the mother is disposed of an killed. Trucks then pick up the pups, barely able to survive without their mother, and take them to the pet stores. Many not even surviving the trip and dying on the way. This is the work of puppy mills. Well what about breeders? Why are they so bad? Let me shed some light on that as well. Breeders often breed their dogs with no regard to the dogs health only to benifit the owners income. These monsters are in it for the money... not the animals. They will give the precious puppies away to anyone who is willing to pay them their asking price. Sometimes this creates another situation where the puppy is bred to the point of is demise like its mother. If you buy from these breeders or pet stores you are just enabling the breeders and puppy mills behaviors. YOU ARE PAYING THEM TO ENSURE A DOG OR PUPPIES DEATH. You can get a quality loving dog/puppy with out getting them through either of those methods. Go to your local animal shelter and adopt. My puppy is living proof that there are some amazing pets in animal shelters. They are smart, beautiful animals who honestly would love to devote all their affection and life to you. Charlie, my husky mix, has beyond brightened my life in so many ways. He is by my side through everything. He is very smart. Knows hot to sit, stay, lay down, shake, high five, give hugs, and lots of other things. BUT HE WAS NOT BOUGHT FROM A BREEDER OR PUPPY MILL. I would not choose any other dog to have in my life. So please, if you or your family is planning on bringing a furry friend into your home... please adopt. There are many shelters and rescue programs that are over crowded with the sweetest animals. Thank you.

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