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Petitioning New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson and 9 others

Puppy Mill Petition: Stop stores from selling puppy mill dogs

Please speak for them!

A puppy store is about to open in our neighborhood - 1461 Weaver Street in New Rochelle. Stores that sell puppies get their little babies from puppy mills, businesses that breed dogs under horrible conditions. It is well-documented that puppy stores get their puppies from puppy mills and that puppy mills condemn dogs to lifetimes of suffering in squalid wire cages. Responsible breeders do not put their puppies in stores. They want to meet the people their puppies go to.

California does not permit the sale of puppies in stores. Westchester, one of the most educated counties in the country, should not allow this cruelty either.

We must speak out now!

Call the landlord PJB, 755-7862, and tell him politely about puppy stores and puppy mills. It’s surprising but many people don’t know anything about where these puppies come from and how. Let them know that the many people who do know don't want this store in their neighborhood, in their city, in their state.

While this store is being renovated, and before it opens, let's tell our legislators that puppy stores should be banned in our towns, our county and our state. Call and/or email the landlord as well as the legislators who can make a difference:

PJB, Landlord (914)755-7862
New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson (914)654-2150,
Councilmember Louis Trangucci (914)235-0499,  
Councilmember Albert Tarantino (914)633-1985
Councilmember Jared R. Rice (914)633-9200
Councilmember Ivar Hyden (914)606-0834
Councilmember Barry R. Fertel (914)740-4346
Councilmember Shari Rackman (914)787-9933, (914)533-3307
Ken Jenkins, Chairman of the Westchester County Board of Legislators, (914)995-2829
County Executive Rob Astorino, (914)995-2900
Amy Paulin, New York State Assemblywoman, (518)455-5585

It is important to call or write to your legislators and sign this petition. And if you donate we can spread the word further - to everybody who is thinking of bringing a new dog into their family and to everybody who cares about animals. Donations may be sent to Pet Rescue on behalf of WARN (Westchester Animal Rescue Network) - make checks payable to Pet Rescue, PO Box 393, Larchmont, NY 10538 and write "WARN" in the comment.

Nobody should even think of buying a puppy from this or any other store. They will find beautiful puppies and dogs desperately in need of homes at shelters and rescue groups.

Please sign this petition and spread the word – it will be sent to legislators and others to let them how many of you know about puppy stores.

Westchester Animal Rescue Network ( works to promote rescue and adoption; oppose puppy mills and the sale of dogs in pet stores; and protect animals through legislation and education. Founding members: Pet Rescue, New Rochelle Humane Society, Adopt A Dog and Tiny Treasures Rescue.

Letter to
New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson
County Executive Rob Astorino
Chairman of the Westchester County Board of Legislators Ken Jenkins
and 7 others
Councilmember Shari Rackman
Councilmember Barry R. Fertel
Councilmember Ivar Hyden
Councilmember Jared R. Rice
Councilmember Albert Tarantino
Councilmember Louis Trangucci
New York State Assemblywoman Amy Paulin
Stop stores from selling puppy mill dogs

As a concerned resident, I am appalled that a new store is opening at 1461 Weaver Street in New Rochelle which will be selling puppies. Critter Comforts did and I was delighted when they closed down but now someone else is opening there and will also sell puppies. The store may say it sells puppies from respectable breeders but no respectable breeder would ever sell its dog to a pet store. Most (if not all) of these dogs come from puppy mills, dogs who live under the most abominable conditions. The more stores which sell them the more they subject their females to living in small cages, breeding litter after litter, uninterested in her well being or that of her puppies. For more information about the evils of puppy mills you can visit the HSUS or ASPCA web sites. I, and many other dog lovers, are hoping this store never gets to open. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated. I would hope no stores selling puppies are allowed to open in all of Westchester County. Eventually I hope this is also a NY State law. Now I would appreciate any help you can give regarding this store. Thank you for your immediate response.