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Petitioning United States Senators for Rhode Island Senator Jack Reed and Sheldon Whitehouse

Puppy mill breeders located in Rhode Island.: We want to change the law in Rhode Island regarding puppy mills.

Current laws in Rhode Island are not enough to protect puppies from abuse.

Letter to
United States Senators for Rhode Island Senator Jack Reed and Sheldon Whitehouse
Dear Senator Jack Reed and Sheldon Whitehouse,

Currently in Rhode Island there is a law regarding puppy mills we feel needs to be changed. The law states that a breeder or dealer is defined as anyone who breeds dogs for the purpose of selling them.  Dealers are required to obtain a license and pay a one hundred dollar fee.  According to this law, no inspections are required on the mills where the dogs are kept.  We believe that this law needs to be changed to assure dogs will be taken care of and avoid the abuse they can face.  The horror stories of puppy mills take place all over America.  Puppy mills breed dogs and sell them to pet stores and people on the internet looking for dogs to use as bait for dog fights. Many of the dogs have mental issues and infections because the breeders of puppy mills aren't held accountable for proper breeding techniques and care. Dog are kept in small cages and forced to share the cage with other dogs, this can create anxiety problems in the dogs.  The dogs cages often have wire bottoms to rid of feces and urine but the wires cut the dogs paws, these injuries are looked over and go untreated.  Because there are so many dogs being fed in puppy mills dogs tend to attack each other since the food supply isn't enough.  This creates many problems for the dog later on in life, it leads to aggression and biting.  Older female dogs are bred on every heat cycle until they are no longer to become impregnated.  Theses are just a few of the many abuses dog are forced to go through while living in a puppy mill.  We want to change this and set an example to other states that their laws regarding puppy mills need to change.  We want to add this to the current law:

- Inspections are required of all licensed breeders

- A fee of hundred dollar on each violation that is found

- A dog can only produce four litters in its lifetime

- Dogs cant be breed over the age of six

- To become a licensed breeder you must take a class on how to properly breed and raise dogs

- A veterinarian technician must be on call for any medical emergencies

Please help us to change this law and protect millions of helpless puppies. Thank you.

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