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Puppy has the chance of her life. Please help her!

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Please read Nimis and Chunus sad story in the link below.

You can either donate in the fundraiser link via Paypal or credit card or just at Paypal:

And here is the background of all of this and how it all started: My Name is Daniela Drees. I was in Nepal as a tourist for only 10 days and saw the horror of the street dogs .Back in Germany I decided to open up a group at Facebook I´m running this group together with my 3 Nepali friends Shova Gurung Ritu Thapa and Romi Lama from the Nepal Street Dog Lovers and Julia Krepska from International Dog Adoption Nepal in Kathmandu and Maëlle André from Pokhara. First we thought we could save these poor dogs in their own country Nepal, but getting a dog adopted in Nepal is impossible. Nepalis don`t adopt street dogs, only breed dogs.For this reason we are now focussing on International adoptions. We opened this group at Facebook 3 months ago and already have over 800 members (March 31 2017). Since these 3 months we flew 2 dogs to the USA (Kiwi and Karishma) 1 soon we will fly to Austria (Snowy) 1 to Luxemburg (Chyangba) and 1 dog to Canada
I´m happy to answer each question, just call me, whats app me or viber me:
or write me:

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