Punjab is on the verge of destruction due to drug use amongst the youth. We seek answers!

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Punjab is currently on the verge of its destruction due to uncontrollable drug use. This situation arose due to failure of law and order in the state for which political parties can be rightly blamed. The youth in the state is sinking more and more day by day into this swamp. Captain Amrinder Singh during last elections swore by the Gutka Sahib to control the flow of drugs in the state. However, no actions have been taken yet to bring any change. Everyday young kids are dying in Punjab due to drug overdose but government has not done anything significant to manage this issue.

We want answers from Captain Amrinder Singh for what he has done so far to tackle the issue of drugs in Punjab. This petition has been started to see if Punjab Government still cares about the people of Punjab or not. I request each and every single Punjabi to sign this petition and show those in power the strength of common people.