Ludhiana industry and Punjab Govt Playing with lives in Punjab, Rajasthan & military

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Mankind won’t survive without water. Water is depleting resource. Population are dyeing and shifting world over due to water problem. Industry in Punjab is polluting its great rivers and making water useless. Government is keeping eyes closed. Let us unite and prevent them from playing with lives of people in Punjab, Rajasthan and Members of military and our generations to come. 

1. Buddha Darya is known as a Old Tributary of River Satluj with a Glorious Past of Clean Drinkable Water with more than 50 species of Fish. It use to start from Satluj and Join Satluj with neat and clean water after meeting requirements of Ludhianvies.

2. But unfortunately it started loosing its glory with the passage of time. It's Clean Water stopped coming out of River Satluj, due to Main River Changed its course and receded Water level in the River further stopped water supply of water into the stream.

3. Subsequently, water supply was planned to feed Buddha Darya from MCN Drain from Sirhind Canal. Those Ducts exist, but are closed. All three Drains, Machiwara, Chamkor Sahib and Manne Mazara (MCN) converge at Kumm Kallan with fourth Creek coming from River Satluj side. All are dry and most of the places land is encroached. Some times rain water flows in it. But most of the places after Kumm Kallan, Buddha Darya has got the puddles of stagnant Sewer from nearby Villages, few Dairies and Factories.

4. Actual flow starts near Tajpur. It's Constant flow of Polluted Water from Factories, Diaries and Sewer starts from Tajpur onwards. There are more than 170 inlets big and small, adding Pollution to Buddha Darya in a stretch of more than fifteen kms. It's "KALA PAANI" made Buddha Darya into sickening state by spreading sickness and stink all around. It has become "Sorrow of Punjab" !!! How sad is the present state ???

5. This problem has become a complexed issue and further effecting State of Rajasthan. People of Ganganagar, Hanumangar, Bikaner, Jodhpur, Jasselmer and Barmer Districts are affected due to spread of Indira Gandhi Canal Work emanating from Harike Barrage existing on confluence point of River Beas and Satluj. People of these Districts are dependent on Canal Water, which is used for drinking, agriculture and industrial purposes and effecting groundwater too. Even our forward Military and Air Force Stations are dependent on this Canal Net Work for their daily peace time needs and operational requirements. This water is further used by people involved in production of Gas and Oil deployed in the Districts of Jessalmer and Barmer. Many other industries are dependent on the water of the Canal System in Punjab and Haryana.

6. We all agree that it is a very serious issue causing damage to the Health of people in Punjab and Rajasthan.

7. It is a very serious matter, which needs to be handled on PRIORITY. This issue cannot be handled in bits and pieces. A proper plan needs to be worked out for implementation. Professionals need to be involved along with the assistance from Central Government.

8. Following actions are suggested for implementation : -

(a). Formulation of final Action Plan to ensure Cleaning of Budha Darya. Work out phases of Action Plan with continuity.

(b). Involve eminent Citizens, NGOs Environmentalists and Industrialists.

(c). Provisions of release of Fresh Water needs to be worked out from Sirhind Canal from existing duct near Chamkor Sahib and Sidhwan Canal as and when required as per the plan.

(d). Budha Darya banks need to be prepared along with the widening process, where ever needed.

(e). All encroachments must be removed immediately to create space for implementation of Action Plan.

(f). Garbage and Solid Waste Dumping must be banned inside and around Budha Darya.

(g). All Weeds, Garbage and Solid Waste must be cleaned from Budha Darya immediately.

(h). Construct Alternate Sewage and Polluted Water Delivery System with all Inlets connected to the New System as per Action Plan. Existing Budha Darya should be separated from all inlets of Polluted Water. Plan and execute upgradation of existing STPs and ETPs on Priority.

(I). All Polluted Water from Alternate Sewage and Polluted Water Delivery System should be connected to a State of the Art STP/ ETP at a suitable location as per the plan.

(m). After cleaning, water should be released into a Water Body (Lake) for further usage of water for irrigation purposes or release into River Satluj.

(n). Budha Darya should be converted into a Pacca Canal System connected to Sirhind Canal. Water of the same should be used for dilution purposes and connected to the created Lake at the end point of Alternative Sewage and Polluted Water Delivery System.

(o). Roads on both sides of Budha Darya should be constructed with Green Belts.

(p). Simultaneously, Awareness Drive must continue regarding Pollution to Water Bodies and Environment.

(q). Form a Budha Darya Action and Coordination Committee for monitoring, coordination and implementation of Action Plan.

9. Action plan must be worked out on PRIORITY and implementation of work must commence with consistency at the earliest. Needs Financial Assistance and Resources of Central Government to handle this serious problem.

Col CM Lakhanpal