Justice For Noor | Abandoned NRI Wives of Punjab - 32,000+ & Counting...

Justice For Noor | Abandoned NRI Wives of Punjab - 32,000+ & Counting...

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Started by Narinder Kaur

Heartbreaking Story of Noor Mankoo!!! #DaughterOfPunjab #JusticeForNoor
Cases of Abandoned NRI Wives are on an all-time high in Punjab. Approximately 32,000 cases of Fake NRI Marriages are Pending in the Courts of Punjab & Haryana.

Such is the Story of Noor Mankoo! (Name Changed for Privacy Reasons)
Noor, a resident of a nearby village in Mohali, was working at Fortis Hospital as a dentist when she came across a Marriage Proposal from Simranpreet Singh Manku (Jimmy), a resident of New Zealand in the year 2018. In the hope of a better life, Noor's family Accepted the proposal and she was married to Simranpreet Singh with Great Pump & Show, but Simranpreet's intentions were somewhat different.

Just six months into the marriage, Noor's dreams were shattered. Simranpreet started demanding Rs. 10 Lakh from Noor, and realizing that the demand was not being met, he started Beating & Torturing Noor.

The Beatings & Physical Abuse escalated over time and due to this Noor's health deteriorated. Taking advantage of Noor's deteriorating health Simranpreet Singh even tried to prove her Mentally Misfit.

To finally get rid of her, Simranpreet Singh used pretenses to drive Noor out of the house and sent her back to Punjab. Simranpreet's Parents and Sister were also involved in this heinous act, who confiscated Noor's Passport after she arrived in Punjab and also tried to forge her Mentally Misfit Certificate.

At the tender age of 26, Noor went through immense Mental Trauma as well as Physical Abuse. For the last couple of years, Noor had spent the prime of her life visiting Lawyers, Police Stations, Women cells & Judicial courts in the hope of Justice.

Simranpreet Singh Mankoo is not a First Timer when it comes to Fake Marriages. Before Noor, Simranpreet married Preet Kaur in the year 2017, a resident of Morinda (Punjab), and had left her too post Dowry Demands and Tortures. Simranpreet's Dad - Sr. Mohinder Singh Mankoo, Mother - Amarjit Kaur, Sister - Gurpreet Kaur & Brother-in-law - Gurpreet Singh, all residents of Khanna (Punjab) were equally hand-in-gloves in these heinous acts.

Let’s Raise our voices & stand in solidarity with Noor and thousands of other Daughters & Sisters of Punjab. Let's unmask Predators like Simranpreet Singh Mankoo, who are preying on our Daughters & Sisters of Punjab to ensure justice is Neither Delayed - Nor Denied. We just Don’t need New Laws, we need Stricter Implementation of Laws.

156 have signed. Let’s get to 200!