Covid-19: Schools, Principals and Teachers Unite Campaign. Support Educators of PUNJAB

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I Jagjit Singh Dhuri,on behalf of FEDERATION OF ASSOCIATIONS OF PRIVATE SCHOOLS request the Government of PUNJAB to withdraw the order  preventing private unaided schools from collecting fees. Failure to do so will lead to bankruptcy, lack of learning for children and loss to teacher salaries. This, in turn, will lead to further illiteracy and unemployment in India 

Please read, sign & share the petition! This is for all the children of India,  and for their schools and teachers. It’s for all educators who go beyond their call of duty to ensure teaching and learning continues for their students whether or not it happens at school on an ongoing basis (or even at home (online) where feasible during the time of a global crisis). 

What is at stake if the order is not revoked? 

Quite simply India’s present & future is at stake. Since teachers form the essential backbone of any educational system their overall well-being is critical in maintaining a healthy ecosystem for the future of the country. 

The learning and lives of each of the 43% of children in India who study in private schools are at stake.  (Source - Vision for School 3.0 April 2017). 
India’s growth and development are at stake: India’s much talked about demographic dividend is dependent on our education system providing quality education to our children.  As per the Educational Statistics report released by MHRD in 2018, India’s literacy levels stand at 69.1% which is 17% below the world’s average, causing poor employability and hence, limited to no real growth. InsightsOnIndia pointed out that ‘India’s demographic dividend depends on the learning level of students.’

The livelihood of both teaching and non-teaching staff (administration and support staff) is at stake. A school comes together when teachers, managers, cooks, cleaners, bus drivers, security guards and more people work in coalition with each other, thereby having a direct impact on their livelihood. 
Teachers have called out...

Why is this happening? 

The Department of Public Instruction,PUNJAB on March 23, 2020 issued a notice to all private schools advising them against collection of school fees, as it says, “until further orders”.At the same time, all employers have been advised NOT to enforce lay-offs and salary-cuts by the Prime Minister (dated 23 March 2020, repeated on 14 April 2020). Furthermore, not having any idea how much fee to expect the following academic year (despite some schools providing online schooling). This notice severely handicaps our schools from planning for the new academic year and meeting their expenses, especially the salaries of their teachers and staff. 

Teachers have been at the helpless receiving end of most changes in educational policies. 

Help us make our voices be heard.