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PUPPY DOE - Kiya's former owner tells her story>>

jayne cvetanoski
Newcastle, NSW

Sep 22, 2013 — PUPPY DOE - Kiya's former owner tells her story>>

Hankins said she gave the puppy pit bull mix she named Kiya to a Grafton woman in May after she said she was forced to get rid of the dog because her landlord was afraid she would lose her homeowners insurance.

Hankins said she contacted police and tried to call the Grafton woman when she heard the news that Kiya, known to authorities as Puppy Doe, was euthanized Aug. 31 after she was found in a Quincy park beaten, stabbed, burned and tortured, including having her limbs pulled apart and her tongue crudely cut into a split.

“She has been forthcoming and assisting in any way she can. The information she’s given us we’re following up on,” said Quincy Detective Sgt. Richard Gilmore, adding that cops continue to field hundreds of calls from tipsters. “