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Help find the torturers of “Puppy Doe”.. also known previously as Kiya.

jayne cvetanoski
Newcastle, NSW

Sep 21, 2013 —

Today, there is currently no means of ensuring that animals are not placed into the hands of convicted animal abusers. An “Animal Abuser Registry” modeled on those laws which currently exist to protect children, would require people convicted of these types of crimes to register with the state. The registry would then be available to shelters, rescue groups, pet stores, breeders, and the public. Abusers would not be permitted to have animals and it would be illegal to give or sell an animal to them.

By knowing the right lies to tell and which truths to omit, convicted animal abusers can potentially acquire animals even from those who lack access to valuable information that would help them make better, more informed choices. This law would strip abusers of this advantage with nothing more than a few strokes of a keyboard.

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Help find the torturers of "Puppy Doe"
Help find the torturers of "Puppy Doe"
Help find the torturers of "Puppy Doe". 2,940 likes · 0 talking about this. Prosecutors are looking for the public's help with any information to identify who may be responsible for torturing 'Puppy Doe' - also known as Kiya. Kiya we've now been told was a previously loved pet, whose owner had to rehome.