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Punish Income Tax officials for the Harassment and Murder of my Father

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I am Chander Prakash Daultani, an honest, law-abiding, tax paying footwear businessman from Agra. On the afternoon of 24th of March, 2017, my factory premises at Guru Shoes Tech Pvt. Ltd. were invaded by the officials from IT department under the pretext of an Income Tax survey. They forced me into signing a paper as soon as they arrived. The conduct of the senior officers, let alone the junior officers was highly abusive and violent. Shri Surendra Kumar (Assistant Director of Income Tax [Investigation], Agra) who was accompanying Shri Rajesh Kumar (Deputy Director of Income Tax [Investigation]) started calling us terms like "chor", tax evaders and pressurizing us into surrendering a sum of Rs. 10 crore. 

When I insisted that our company records are all fairly recorded and that there are no tax liabilities whatsoever, they threatened me saying that all our past 7 year records would be re-opened and our lives will be spent running around the IT department and the Supreme Court.

When I questioned them about their authorization and the survey warrant, they showed the paper I had been forced into signing initially. I noticed that it was a pre-printed/stamped notice with the name of the party written with a pen. Upon questioning them about the legality of such a warrant, where adding our name could have been anyone's discretion, the said warrant was snatched away from me. 

The officers started abusing me verbally. At this point, my father Mr. Moti Lal Daultani came out of his chamber. Aged 77 years, he is also on the board of directors of the company. A retired respected serviceman himself, he was shocked to hear the language and the physical insults that the Grade-1 officers of the Government of India were hurling at me. He raised his objections about being treated as criminals for no good reason. On hearing this, Shri Surendra Kumar started abusing my father and physically shoved him aside.

 When he was so violently pushed and insulted, the shock was too much for him to bear and he started shouting out in agony complaining of chest pains. Even then, Shri Surendra Kumar dismissively commented that the old man is faking it. “बुड्ढा नाटक कर रहा है ज्यादा से ज्यादा मर ही तो जाएगा आज नहीं तो कल तो इसे मरना ही है” 

You can imagine my plight as I watched my father writher in pain and not being allowed to go to his rescue. When the officers finally realized that he was not faking it, they let him go home. My wife and sister tried calling me for help but I was not allowed to receive their calls nor was I allowed  to leave the factory premises so I could help my family. Eventually, only the manager of the company, Mr. Kotha was allowed to accompany him to the hospital close by.

Unable to bear the humiliation and harassment, I tried bringing into notice the live CCTV coverage of our office and how their extremely inhuman conduct was getting recorded, upon which they took out all the CCTV DVR and confiscated them. It is pertinent to state that under the Income Tax Act only books of accounts and loose papers containing financial records or transactions can be seized and seizure of CCTV Footage and DVR hard disk itself goes to establish the highhandedness, and illegal approach of the surveying for they were very sure that if these evidences are shown to judicial and administrative authorities their actions cannot be approved.

My Company and my directors are regularly assessed under the Income Tax regulations and we have never had any sort of Tax Liabilities or cases of Tax Evasion or suppression of Income here. The same was true at the time of the survey and when we presented our papers to the Officers, they completely disregarded the facts and continued to use foul language and physical force.

Well after midnight, when my sister was calling from the hospital, her calls were put on speaker phone and we were asked to communicate strictly in Hindi. She was in tears when she told me that the doctors have said that our father has suffered a severe cardiac arrest and that we should immediately shift him to a better equipped facility, did the officials allow me to go to Shanti Manglik Hospital accompanied by their staff.

 We took our father to Lotus Hospital, which is at the other end of town, plugged onto a ventilator, where our father was declared "brought dead". It may not be out of place to mention here that my father was enjoying very good health at his age and was not having any history of heart disease. He lost his life because of the inhuman atrocities of the Income Tax officials. The insults, false accusations and undue torture got inflicted deep into his heart sending him into a state of shock. The highhandedness and abusive conduct of the Officers and the denial of timely medical aid led to his unfortunate demise. It is because of these reasons that this death was a cold-blooded murder by the insensitive and heartless officers of the Income Tax Department.

The rules of the land are made in order to ensure Justice, Liberty and Equality amongst its citizens, but since when did Governance, Compliance and Fiscal Targets blind our "Civil" Servants to such an extent that the basic tenets of humanity lay forgotten.

 These errant officers deserve to be held accountable and punished for their unruly, indecent, cruel and inhuman behavior leading to the death of my father, for which I have already filed a complaint with the Police Station at Tajganj, Agra .

I request you all to come forward and Sign This Petition, share the link across social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc., so that it reaches the concerned authorities and due action is taken against these officers.


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