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Punish Drunk Driver murderer Dr.D.V.Sidhartha or Dr.Sidhartha Darapuneni

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Justice for late Capt. T. K. Rao Retd Indian Army.
During the early hours of Saturday, around 4:45 AM on 16 July 2016, a few kilometers away from Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Shamshabad, Telangana, a drunk driver rammed into the Scorpio car in which my father, Capt T.K.Rao was traveling. My father had come to receive me at the Airport. I was in the back seat of the vehicle when we were stuck by a White Honda City registration TS 09EA6173 which literally flew across the divider and rammed into our Scorpio and hit head on on my father's side who was sitting next to the driver in the front.
i made sure my boys were ok. The driver of our vehicle was also ok. My father was sitting in front of me. I could not get down from my side of the vehicle. I jumped out from the other side and tried to open the door on my father's side. The door was jammed and my father's face was crushed into the windshield and he was immobile. I feared the worst. I ran onto the road waving my hands like crazy to get help. The people behind us were kind enough to stop and call the ambulance and police.
Much later I came to know, the driver of the Honda City is one Dr. Siddhartha Darapuneni, a 34 year old Doctor at Century Super Specialty Hospitals on Road No 12 Banjara Hills.He made no attempt to check my minor boys or inquired about my father. Actually his behavior was bizarre. When he came close to me he was stinking of alcohol.
It is shameful that Dr. Siddhartha Darapuneni, a man who has taken the Hippocratic oath is an out of control drunk and an irresponsible man causing fatal accidents and deaths
His lady companion is one Ms Haseena Naterwala, an air hostess with IndiGo airlines and she was on her way to catch the 06:05 hrs IndiGo flight from Hyd-Delhi. She was trying to hitch a ride and trying to flee from the scene. I still remember how calmly she collected her luggage from the trunk of Honda City and walked across the road and tried to get a ride. She was least perturbed about the victims. She did not show any concern for my minor children or my unconscious father. When I ran after her and restrained her from leaving she yelled back at me saying I should worry about my father. And then very incredulously asked me 'why should I stay? What did I do?' I told her she is a witness of the accident and I am helping my father by not letting her and the driver run away.
Is she not morally and legally responsible for letting a drunk to drive?
Once the ambulance came well after 20 minutes or so after the accident, the driver of the Honda City, Dr Siddhartha Darapuneni, tells me he is a doctor and tries to bully me and the technician in the ambulance to take my father to his hospital. I told him very firmly he is not going to your hospital but will be taken to the nearest hospital.

Meanwhile, the police came and took Dr Siddhartha Darapuneni and his lady companion Ms. Haseena Naterwala with them. Then I headed to the nearest hospital, Trident Hospitals which was about a 1-2 Kms from the accident site. My father was in a critical condition.He was then shifted to the KIMS hospital where the doctors told me his chances of survival are less than 1% and already he is neck down paralyzed. After I got him admitted to KIMS I went to RGI Airport Police Station to file a case on Dr. Siddhartha Darapuneni.
When I arrived at the RGI Police Station at around noon to file a case, the police already had alcohol breath analyzer report which was 131 MG/100 MG ( permissible level is 30 MG/100 MG). So Dr.Siddhartha Darapuneni was drunk and his alocohol level was above 4 times the permissible level that is why his behavior was so bizzare. And this alcohol test report was take at 6:51 AM almost 2 hours after the accident.
Why was the alcohol level not tested by the cops who arrived on the scene at around 5:00- 5:15 AM?
Why is breath analysis report taken well over 2 hours after the accident?
Was the test conducted and hidden as the levels were even higher?
I requested the police at RGI Airport police station to give me a copy of the alcohol report, I was told it is part of internal investigation so they cannot give it to me. Not really. When my brother filed an RTI after a couple of days, he was given a copy immediately.
Why was I not given a copy of it when I requested?
The Police did not even mention the existence of Ms. Haseena Naterwala in the FIR. Why?
At the time of filing the FIR, the cops already had evidence that
the driver of the White Honda City, Dr Siddhartha Darapuneni was drunk. Dr Siddhartha Darapuneni's alcohol level was 131 ML/ 100 ML
The victim of the accident, my father, Capt T.K.Rao was fatally injured and his chances of survival are less than 1% . (There was a constable who accompanied me to Trident Hospital and then to KIMS Hospital collecting evidence) even then, they slapped the accused Dr. Siddhartha Darapuneni with IPC criminal code 337 only which amounts to rash and negligent driving. There is no mention of drunk driving or causing grave injury and permanently paralyzingly the victim. Why?
Why is the police omitting the information they already have in the FIR?
On the home page of Telangana Police Website, it shows the police has zero tolerance for drunk driving then why did they not charge Dr. siddhartha Darapuneni of drunken driving despite evidence?
Why is Telangana Police favoring a drunk driver? Why did they not charge him under a more stringent Criminal IPC section as his crime warrants?
The law of the land has been broken. Drinking and driving is a crime, then why is Dr. Siddhartha Darapuneni not charged with the crime by the Telangana police even when his alcohol levels are 4 times above the limit?
If the Telengana police is favoring a criminal who should the victim seek justice from?
This is a clear attempt to subvert justice and protect the accused criminal.
If you have money and influence you can buy anything. Even justice can be bought at a price. And on the afternoon of 16 July 2016 the cops at RGI Airport police station, the men in uniform, sold out justice. And I am a witness to it.
I challenge any body specially, the personnel at RGI Airport Police Station or Drunk driver Dr. Siddhartha Darapuneni or his lady companion Ms. Haseena Naterwala, Air hostess, Indi Go Airlines to contradict my version.
It is not the men in uniform who helped me on that day. But fellow civilians who were going about their business who despite their busy schedules stopped and called the police and the ambulance. There is one particular young lady who volunteered to take my father to the nearest hospital in her car as the ambulance was taking forever to come.She is seen in the background in one of the photo consoling my son. If I can find her, I want to convey my heartfelt gratitude.
I want to thank the men who helped me shift my father, first into that young lady's car and then into the ambulance when it arrived. I want to thank the men and women who told me about the nearest hospital.The men and women who consoled my children. The men and women who asked me to be brave and that told me that God is great. And above all, the people who nabbed the drunk driver Dr. Siddhartha Darapuneni and Ms. Haseena Naterwala.

My father, Capt T.K.Rao Retd, Indian Army, Core of Signals Commissioned Officer 1964 Batch, succumbed to his injuries he sustained in the fatal drunk driving wrong way car crash on 16 July 2016 on 24 September 2016.
Will Telangana Police, the personnel at RGI Airpor Police Station book the drunk driver Dr D V Siddhartha also known as Dr Siddhartha Darapuneni under Culpable Homicide.


This man Dr D.V.Sidhartha, the drunk driver (alcohol level more than 4 times permissible limit 131 mg per ml per police records), is responsible for killing my late father Capt.T.K Rao in a wrong way car crash on 16.07.2016. Per Indian Law the car he was driving ( Honda City Licence plate TS09EA6173) is an evidence in the criminal case against him hence, can not be claimed under insurance specially since it caused death of a person. But thanks to the corrupt insurance company (United India Insurance Company) the accused has without any hindrance claimed and was paid the following amount.
From: <>
Date: 13 Mar 2017 3:49 p.m.
To: <>
Dear Sir,
We refer your letter dtd. 13.03.2017 wherein you have asked us to furnish the above claim details under RTI Act Ref No; 42F0910827. The required details are as under :
2, vehicle No; TS 09 EA 6173,
3. Date of Accident 16.07.2016,
4. Claim No; 0505033116C050111001
5. Claim amount paid Rs. 4,79,000/- dtd. 23/12/2016 through NEFT.
Kindly ack.
2nd floor Posnet Bhavan
Tilak Road, ABIDS,

The United India Insurance Company has colluded with the accused and must be investigated by the CBI, Vigilance, CVC and CID Departments as to how they are serving such criminal elements through public money.

it is like the Telangana Justice system has cleaned up the blood and finger prints from the murder weapon (vehicle No; TS 09 EA 6173) the crucial evidence in the criminal case. 
How did the accused pull this off.
Per Indian law and criminal records, his antecedents prove he is a petty rogue and criminal, allegedly an accused cocaine drug peddler, now I have proof that he murdered my father in a drunken stupor.

Then how and why is the whole Telangana Police and Telangana Judiciary rendered impotent by him.

The murderer Dr D.V.SIDHARTHA or Dr. SIDHARTHA DARAPUNENI an accused drug peddler is still roaming free and is still a practicing Doctor!!
Should the Telangana not put him behind bars along with his co passenger lady friend Ms. Haseena Naterwala?
Should the Police not cancel his medical license immediately?
Why is the police not punishing him?
Why are the authorities protecting him?
Why are the Telangana Police and Telangana Judicial System lawyers, lacking the will to book the culprit Dr D.V. SIDHARTHA or Dr.SIDDHARTHA DARAPUNENI.

My brother, Dr.T.Bhaskar, son of the victim Capt.T.K.Rao, as a law abiding citizen, is running pillar to post, to get justice for my father.
My brother, Dr.T.Bhaskar, son of the victim Capt.T.K.Rao, as a law abiding citizen, refuses to accept that one anti social element like Dr. D.V.SIDHARTHA or Dr.SIDHARTHA DARAPUNENI is more powerful than the Indian Law.
My brother, Dr.T.Bhaskar, son of the victim Capt.T.K.Rao, as a law abiding citizen, refuses to accept that one petty anti social element like Dr. D.V.SIDHARTHA or Dr.SIDHARTHA DARAPUNENI is more powerful than the Indian Justice System.
My brother, Dr.T.Bhaskar, son of the victim Capt.T.K.Rao, as a law abiding citizen, refuses to accept that one anti social element like Dr.D.VSIDHARTHA or Dr.SIDHARTHA DARAPUNENI, in spite of the enormous tacit support he is getting from the authorities is capable to subvert justice.
My brother, Dr.T.Bhaskar, son of the victim Capt.T.K.Rao, as a law abiding citizen, is ending up doing the job the Telangana Police and the the investigating officers should be doing. The job the Telangana lawyers should be doing. He is fighting the immoral and corrupt elements of the Telangana Police and judiciary who are shamelessly supporting a murderer and criminal.
My brother, Dr.T.Bhaskar, as a law abiding citizen, is fighting for justice for his father, the victim Capt.T.K.Rao.
Is this the way Criminal Justice system works in India?

This case has become so ridiculous and would have been so comical if not for the fact that it is so tragic for us the victim's family!!!

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