Law against rape & eve teasing along with hooliganism, should be more strict and quick.

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Let me talk about the incidence of last week about the rape of a 8 months old baby. How people with such sick mentality can actually do such things without thinking of the consequences or punishment. They are not at all afraid of the law, rules or government. So lets make this petition be a boundary to those kind of jerks living in our society among us.

I also want to shade some light on hooliganism our country witnesses over the name of religion, caste, some mythology, some history all the time. Can't we live in peace? The recent example is the Incidence with the release of the movie "PADMAVAT". They almost demolished govt. property worth above 7 crores, and for what? This should not be tolerated. Think on this, where we are going with this, we have forgotten our humanity. Lets take a step together against this.