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Restrict the number of school kids in transport vehicles

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Everyday as I travel to my college, I see a mini-truck. It is usually parked on the side of a road, unloading chickens, to be delivered to restaurants in the area. The transporters, now accustomed to the habit, couldn't care less of the situation. Onlookers express their disgust, as the trucks loaded with chickens, who barely have space to breathe, is rarely a pleasant site. 

And here is a similar situation. The school transport system in Pune. Rickshaws lacked space, forcing auto-drivers to get bigger vehicles. Kids are literally stuffed into these cars, with no regard for safety, comfort or convenience. Money over everything else. And mind you, ask and auto or a cab to let one extra passenger in, even at your own discomfort, and you'll be hit with tantrums and sly demands for extra money. 

Why can't we let these poor kids, those who have to while their time in luggage compartments of age-old omnis have a better trip? I, personally, as a kid faced the same situation. In a pea-sized rickshaw, the driver managed to squeeze in at least 9 people. You'll be thrilled to know the distribution of us. 3 young ones behind, in the little chamber over the engine. Three of us, fat enough to not fit anywhere else, on the seat, and three on our laps. We were shamed for being over-sized, some of us were simply denied the transport service because of this. As a kid, I never believed that I could have a better ride. But as I am reminded of the bruised knees and insufferable lack of air that I endured, I wish for a change!

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