Justice for my Father! (Negligence of Doctors Resulted in my Father's Demise)

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We had a Happy Family Consisting of 4 people. My Father (Abid Raza Burney) (59), My Mother (Rababzehra Burney) (54), Me (Tasadduq Burney) (19), My Younger Brother (Muntasir Burney) (17).


I got Courage to Share this with everyone and stand up for my Dad to get Justice for him after I saw an article in "Times City, Times of India" Today (24 Jan 2019).

Article Posted on "Times City" Gave me a Shock From my Head to Feet. The Content of the article was point to point same as what happened to us.


Dad was operated on 11 October 2018 and Passed Away on 14 October 2018

Before the Day of Surgery My Father was completely Fine and was talking to us like nothing happened to him. 

On (10 October 2018) My Father was admitted to

M Dhariwal Heart Care and Research Institute in Fatimanagar,

due to cardiac Arrest. He was immediately operated on 11 October 2018 (Open Heart Surgery) and the Dr Ranjit Jagtap and his team Declared that the Surgery was successful, He also stated that complications arose after the operation due to which they had to perform another operation. Later on that day he conveyed the message that the situation of the patient is CRITICAL " Condition bhaut Critical Hai, Dua Karo".

After the Day of Surgery (11 OCT 2018) He (Dr Ranjit Jagtap) never used to talk properly to us and always avoided contacting us. Even Before Surgery He Didn't Spoke to us.

While Dr Ranjit Jagtap used to pass  through the hall way we used to run towards him and ask "What is the current situation", to which he used to reply "Dua karo Critical Hai"

My Dad was in  the CCU " CRITICAL CARE UNIT "

"The Doctors didn't let us meet our Patient and always came up with an excuse"

He was on Ventilator Since the Day he was Operated and while we asked why was he on ventilator, Doctors Stated " It is normal, we keep every patient on ventilator after Open Heart Surgery"

"They Kept my Dad under heavy sedation since the day of Surgery"


On (12 OCT 2018) They Came to us and stated " We need to Perform Dialysis" We Replied " Is Anything Wrong" . To which they replied " Surgery ke baad kabhi kabhi karna Padta Hai " They also Stated that Dialysis would last of 6 Hours and we may stop in the middle of that time span if required, We agreed over it. Later After 3 hours they came to us and said we had to stop Dialysis in the mid due to Drop in Blood Pressure. 

"Plenty of Machines was Attached to my Dad's Body"

Later on the same Day the came to us and stated  "Blood Pressure is Still Dropping, We immediately need to attach balloon Pump". We agreed over it. And after few hours they said, " Everything is Fine Now".

On The Same Day, Around 8 Pm. One of the Doctors Approached to us and said "Condition is getting more critical", After listening to this My Mother Fainted.


After She Regained Consciousness the doctors took my Mother to let her meet my Father.  He was is Semi-ICU. 

Now The Main Part.

1.As they always used to state that his condition is Highly Critical, Why was he Shifted from CCU to Semi-ICU. And even without our permission.

2. As My Mom Met my Dad in ICU he was on Ventilator, no any other machine was attached.

3. They never let my mom touch my dad's body but on this day they did let her touch him. There were 4 Doctors Standing beside her. After Touching She Questioned them "Why is his Hand COLD". They Replied " Because he is in ICU" . She Again Questioned "Why is his body swelling". To which they replied "Cause we gave him saline" and then the doctors started staring towards each others Face.


On 14 Oct 2018 (Early Morning 6:32 Am) The Doctors Approached to me and stated "Condition Abhi bhi Critical Hai, Kisi aur ko bula lo" After My Cousin Brother arrived they Stated " BP is still Dropping, we will do a last ECG scan and revert you" Then at 7:13 Am They Told us " He is No MORE" Because of Multiple-Organs Failure.


4.I (Tasadduq Burney) used to Stay in the Hospital Day and Night, and in the Entire day span they never used to ask for blood and in the night time they used to get blood multiple times.

They Billed us for blood for nearly Rs 1 Lakh and always asked for cash payment.

I wanted to ask. " What did they do which so much amount of BLOOD"



I Would like to Request you all to please support us.

I want Justice for My Father.

Since the day (14 oct 2018) till now (24 Jan 2019) My Mom Cries Daily as she has been though a huge shock.

I am Not being able to concentrate towards college and studies due to the shock, I and my Younger Brother Faced.



Requesting you all to please Help us and Bring this Matter towards Higher Authorities.


Thank you.