Need safe and clean corporation water in Pune - SAY NO TO TANKERS!

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I want to use this article as a starting point of my petition.

Now, not just the area where I live in but majority of new Pune relies on tanker water supply to get going with their daily needs. We all know how hazardous it can be to use and consume these tanker and bore well water on regular basis. You can have everything from gastrointestinal issues to hair and skin problems in general.

In spite of my locality being in the limits of Pune Municipal Corporation, all the societies have to bank on these tankers for their daily water supply. 

This is nothing but the the water mafias ruling the city and running their business and WE are the ones suffering. 

We need some firm, corrective action to end this business run by the water mafias and need support from Pune Municipal Corporation and the Maharashtra Govt. to help us with the basic need of clean corporation water that every citizen of this beautiful city of Pune deserves!