Save Taljai Hills Pune

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Pune is one of the fastest growing cities in India. With a population of more than 31.2 lakhs(2011 census), the city is fast becoming a concrete jungle and is loosing its green cover at a rate faster than ever. Colonel (Retd) Shashikant Dalvi, city based environmentalist says that at least eight trees are required per person every year to provide oxygen and Pune currently has only one tree per person.

Concrete structures are destroying the green canopy that Pune. The city has always had ample green cover and maintained a fine balance between development and safeguarding natural habitats. If the government takes decisions that could hamper this balance it is unacceptable. It is very disheartening to witness the local civic administration blatantly depleting the green cover of our city that we were once proud of. 

In the name of development the PMC has developed few gardens but planting exotic trees and plants does little for the natural ecosystem and the biodiversity of the region.

Taljai hill comprises of one such ecosystem which needs to be preserved. We can have an ecosystem of variety of species of birds and insects only if there are trees native to the ecosystem and the region. A bird never makes a nest or lays eggs on exotic foreign species of a tree however beautiful it may be. 

PMC has been doing good work in the direction for almost a decade and through various tree plantation programmes and with the help of local corporators and involment of local citizens and citizen groups, we had planted a few thousnad of such native trees from the taxpayers money. 

Now in the name of development, the same PMC is trying to cut the same trees for building a Parking facility. PMC has already cut down a few trees for making the cricekt playground.

If the environment is to be protected, we must work towards planting more trees and protecting them while discouraging use of vehicles. This parking facility would do exactly opposite.

Please stop this Destruction of the enviornment and save our Taljai Hills. 


Yours Faithful,

A Punekar.