Save the Pulaski County Indiana Courthouse!

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Michael Beach
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The Pulaski County Commissioners have developed a plan to demolish the Historic 123 year old County Courthouse in Winamac, Indiana and build a parking lot.  See the courthouse here.

We ask the commissioners and council to preserve this structure and allow the public to present alternative solutions that satisfy the needs of the people and their government.

The plans to demolish this iconic structure were developed without the public's knowledge or input.  The building is in good condition and was added to the national register of historic places in 2007.  This Iconic building is the face of the town and the enduring symbol of the town's charm and history.  

Any plan to demolish this building fails to acknowledge the town's "brand" as an example of small town America.  Without the courthouse, this town has no face, no heart.  Without it, Winamac turns into just another dying "pass through" town on the way to somewhere else.  Winamac has much to offer and should be a destination.  The courthouse is the rock upon which all else is built and it should remain so.

Along with the Courthouse itself, the property contains several time capsules, war memorials and works of art that are symbolic of the county and the history of its people.  The famous Ford Pinto Trial was held at this courthouse.  Winamac is a thriving community and is a prime example of small town America.

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