Make Single-Use Vaping Products Recyclable

Make Single-Use Vaping Products Recyclable

March 6, 2021
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Why this petition matters

I am from Central Alberta, Canada. I am a 3rd+ generation smoker, as are many that live in my local communities. Local industry breeds these sorts of habits and I am a big advocate for making the switch to nicotine vape products, however; One thing that those in my community, including vendors have rising issue with, is the fact that along with cigarettes and tobacco products that we are trying to leave behind, many of these nicotine products cannot be reused or recycled effectively.

It is a heavy weight on the conscience to throw a plastic pod, liquid reservoir or battery into the landfills, especially with today's knowledge of what does happen to these disposed-of plastics, which is of course, nothing. Plastic is not biodegradable, it does not break down, and the earth metals in the batteries especially are toxic & harmful to our already fragile ecosystems that we and the world around us depend on.

My proposition is this:

I want these companies to offer some sort of recycling program, the most effective way I can think of is a bring-it-back program. The batteries can be recycled, and the plastic as well. Many companies are able to get secondary use out of post-consumer plastics such as Lush with their black pot program who wash and turn these plastics into pellets to be reused again. Naya Waters is a company that uses 100% post-consumer plastics in their bottles based out of Mirabel, Quebec. Ice River Springs in Ontario, another bottle facility that is committed to Zero Waste and no new plastic. This isn't an unachievable goal. These kinds of changes in the vaping industry can pave the way for even more positive changes in the future.

Many Marijuana vape products are recyclable and moving towards positive changes, Nicotine products must do the same.

As consumers, if we want a healthier world, we need to ask more of these companies to take ownership of their waste footprints by offering these services to us.

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Signatures: 20Next Goal: 25
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