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pedestrian safety

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The children walk from Santurce, north along Route 2 (always on the northeast side of the street), toward Escuela Madame Luchetti. To cross under Espresso 26, they must cross the expressway entrance ramp. Cars are entering that ramp simultaneously from Condado Ave and from Route 2. There is never a time where the lights allow for pedestrians to cross. There are pedestrian crossing lights that are not operational. The children cross this intersection four times a day as they oftentimes can be seen going home for lunch. 

It seems that this intersection can be made safe by coordinating the traffic lights to allow time for pedestrian crossing and by activating the already installed pedestrian crosswalk lights. A transportation safety board will quickly see the problem and I am confident, the solution. 

I have been asked to gather signatures from the community to make this happen! 

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